Thursday, May 31, 2007

Off Theme......Sort of??

Ok so I'm gonna give you guys a break from my awesome little life of things I can't live without, well kind of anyway. Today I'm gonna tell you that one of the things I can't live without is.............Photoshop!!! However since I don't have the box bc I DL'd mine from Adobe(plus you know what the box looks like) I thought I'd show you why I love it so much! Like you don't know:) LOL. I know you do because most of you are of the same mind, haha! Anyway, here is the results of one of my PS successes. I took this shot of my nieces a couple of months ago right when I was first thinking about taking the plunge into the world of Photography. You can see(or at least I can) how far I've come in just a short time. The original shot was not the best to begin with. It's been a while so I don't really remember what I did to it but I was going through my shots and I would really like to print this for my SIL but I wanted to see how it stood up to you guys first:) So let me have it, what does it need, if anything/ should I scrap it and start over? Is it print worthy? I just don't know bc I have aunt goggles on. They are just so beautiful! I love how the simple fact of the way their hands are propping their faces shows their diff. personalities:) Anyway back to the PS thing.....This program is nothing short of amazing! I swear I could study for years and never even scratch the surface on the "miracles" this program is capable of! Nothing short of amazing!!! So here's the shot, like I said let me have it:)

Ok, Ok, you talked me into it..... I'll show you the original, but only if you promise to keep this between us:) LOL and only for the sake of PS comparison photos so you can see why I can't live without it:) So see I really am on theme;)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You mean there's more!!!!

Absolutely, I told you the list could go one forever:) Today I am going to share something with you that I bet a lot of you enjoy.....But for me, I simply can't live without them;) I actually had a friend stop by a few days ago with her husband and I had some of them burning and when he asked about it she said"Oh you better believe there is a thin coat of wax on everything in this house" I LMBO!!! This is so true. I actually have a closet downstairs that I keep pretty well stocked with them at all times.One if the first things I do when I come in the door is light my candles!

As I'm sure you've guessed by now, it's not just any old brand I like, I prefer........... Partylight actually! I bet you thought I was gonna say Yankee or White Barn or something like that:) Nope! I love partylight! The ones that you have to order and have a party and all that jazz. They smell the best, last the longest, and burn the cleanest:)(again, really wishing I could get some sort of kickback here for the publicity) I hate that black film you get on some of the jars! and these don't get that! Picky I know but what can I say, I like what I like:) Oh you know what others smell really awesome and are super cheap, those Glade scented oil things? They go in the little glass dish and burn for a few hours and then go out, those smell sooo good, there's a linen one..... I think I may light that now:) Oh and I know you want to know my favorites scents...right?:) I just love the Yuzu and Lime(no I have no idea what yuzu is but it sure smells good) for the kitchen and there's a strawberry rhubarb,mmmmmm... and lets orangy(sp?) one they just introduced that I've been burning like crazy!! And No I do not sell them, I leave that to the professionals(it would take away from photo time), I just buy them, which makes for some very happy consultants;) So here I go with some beautiful candle shots:) LOL! Yea right, who knew it was so hard to take a picture of fire, next time they won't be lit;) So I did the best I could with them. CC always welcome as you know.
PS. Here's a shot I got of DS riding his firetruck today. I changed the color settings in my cam. today so I'm wondering how they look to you.......and Julie I'm with you, I can't get rid of the noise no matter what I do... Let me know if you figure it out=)
PPS. Nevermind!!! UGH!! I let a friend check out my camera the other night and I'm checking info to send my assignments....ISO 1600!!! No wonder I got grain!!! Never again, no one is allowed to touch the camera! Oh well!:)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 3.....

And here we go with one more thing I can't live without! Now I know what you're thinking if you read the blogs and you've seen the other Cell's, but........mine is a little different, (not that I don't love all those cute little razor's out there, used to have a hot pink one myself. )It's more of an extension of my computer:) This way I can get all those cool comments you guys leave me anytime of the day( or night for some;) This was a Christmas present from DH bc I forget EVERYTHING.....and I mean everything.....(well except the POTD, but everything else;) Anyway this was his attempt to get me to remember it all and let me just say, it works!

This baby has kept me from missing Hair appointments, nail appointments, it reminds me to pick my son up from School everyday(told you I forget everything), you name it, it does it! As a matter of fact now that I think about it, it's a lot like my camera, in that I can only imagine one day being able to use it to it's full potential:) And for those of you still stuck on it reminding me to pick my son up, NO I would never forget him.....intentionally! I just want to play it safe=)Come on people he gets out at 11:30am 3 hours is not a lot of time to get things done, but nevermind that, next year.....All Day:) YEA!!!! Ok on with the blog.....So yes this is my lifeline to the web and all things web or email related when I can't be by My Comp. (which I was gonna post and still may but I thought that was kind of obvious since I spend so much time here:)LOL.

These are some of the emails I got today=)

And my kids just love that Mom has Mario on her phone!

Anyway, I'm sure I could live without all of these if I absolutely had to , with the exception of my camera, again(obvious) but I am having so much fun showing you guys how completely self involved and shallow I really am as I post my chapstick., perfume, and cell phone while you do your husbands, kids, and families......LOL JK. You guys know I love my family too.....right??? I mean I CAN post them and all but what fun would that be? Wouldn't you much rather see all the other can't live without items I have bc really i don't know if there are enough days in the week for them all. I may need extra time.... or maybe I can post more than one a day bc really there are quite a few. I always tell people that God knew what he was doing hen he planted me in this century bc he knew I could never have made it in any other! yea, Yea I know you can't miss what doesn't exist but trust me I would have known something(s) were missing, I just wouldn't have known what they were;) Thanks for stopping by and as always CC is welcome and appreciated. I am so glad you guys liked the bw, BTW. I've been looking for a new fav. and now I'm off to see what this painting with light thing is.....hmm.........

Monday, May 28, 2007

Another thing I can't live without.......

This is the 2nd thing I can't live without:) And I'm sure by now you guys ae thinking how really shallow I am, I mean purses, chapstick, and now perfume? Yes perfume! I love this stuff. I buy it every chance I get, when I walk in the Mall, I always go through the perfume section(right after I check out the bags of course) just to smell what's new. I'm always looking for one that doesn't smell like something 1) that I already have and 2) like the one sitting next to it on the counter. It drives me crazy that they are all smelling so much alike right now.

This one I did Bella's BW I think....

Ok and the second reason I have so many..... because I love to smell good of course! I like to smell my perfume and you know after you wear the same thing everyday you can't smell it anymore! and I like to smell it.....weird, I know.....but true none the less! So I collect enough of them so that I can switch them up, I usually don't wear the same one more than a few days in a row. My favs right now are the ones in the front, Juicy Couiture(sp) and I'm not getting up to ck right now!) Dior Cherie, and Chanel Chance.

I wear these like all the time right now. I also have a bottle with my name engraved on it (the blue one) that I got from The Women's show that comes around here once a year. I always leave there with at least one bottle:) This years bottle was Kiss(which I bought for the free t-shirt) it helped that I liked the smell!LOL and last year was Bulgari Blue Note, which they were engraving) and the year before was....... OH! Vera Wang(which I got nothing free with but oh well). and yes I do wear all these:) Maybe not every day but as often as I can:) I'm only on person you know! I know I have way too many and I TRY not to buy them so much anymore,really I do, but every once in a while I find one I just can't pass by:) Hey what can I say, I just can't live without them!!
Well I guess that's all I've got for tonight, I'm off to shoot the next item I can't live without ! TFL:) Plus I better get my butt in gear and get this weeks assigment done for the class I'm taking, I'm so stuck on this POTD I haven't done it yet:) So I better get moving!

I ran Indie's Color Kick on this one.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yea!!! A new Week!!!

Not that I didn't enjoy last week mind you, I was just ready to move on. So now we move on to THINGS we can't live without.... and since this is sort of like emotional attachment and we've been through the obvious, ie kids, DH, Kate Spade!!LOL Yes, you heard me right Kate Spade!!! I'll just take this literally and go with THINGS! So the first thing on my list this week that I can't live without is...... drumroll please........

That's right, my chapstick, I'm completely addicted to this stuff. My brand of choice, Burt's Bees! The best, I love the mintyness(sp) of it and I DO NOT GO ONE SINGLE PLACE W/O IT!!! No Kidding, I have this stuff stashed everywhere.... bedside table, car, purse, closet, bathroom, you name it's there. I know now that it has to do with using it too much and your lips getting used to it and not making their own moisture anymore or whatever. Too bad someone didn't tell me that BEFORE I was hooked. Seriously though, I think it comes from this insane fear I have of my lips getting so chapped I look like I have a Kool-aid ring around my mouth.Ever seen someone like that? Well, in school(like, elementary of course, by High school I was hooked) that was me! Don't ask me why but I never had chapstick.......hmmm. maybe bc my Mom was concerned this would happen....... anyway I have pitures(cringe) yes pictures, of me with those tell tale stains around my mouth, and I don't mean your lips just being a little kool-aid red either, I mean all out full blown circle half an inch out all the way around your lips!! No not pretty, at all! As a matter of fact, I think we should just stop talking about it now as it's bringing back memories it took years of therapy to supress.....LOL.... JK, no I didn't really go to therapy for chapstick addiction, but I do believe I could have back then. Can you imagine? Do you know how mean kids are on a good day??? Can you imagine when there really is something legit for them to pick on you for??? So please, parents don't allow your kids to be victimized by this awful affliction that can be avoided by spending 1.99 at the gas station!! (or Walgreen's if you prefer the mintylicious Burt's Bee's as I do) Wonder if I could get some kickback for the advertisement:)

PS. Hey do you guys think these can double as Macro Monday? I'm all out of flowers:) Course I do have some great macro's of the top of the OJ bottle left over from the tag:)

I'm adding this so I can show how helpful momstime tut. was to me today:) Thanks again!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


So I've been tagged by Jordan and since I am being lazy this weekend and I ran out of pet's earlier in the week, I'm gonna use this for my POTD:) Hope you don't mind and as usual feel free to CC away! Of course, as this wasn't something I would normally take a picture of at all much less a macro I don't know that the CC will do me any good:)(of course how funny is that? that's the whole point...duh....lightbulb moment:) LOL. As a matter of fact this is generally something we try to take out of our pics;) At least I do, and that's all I'm gonna say. So the challenge was for me to take a macro of something and you guys to guess what it is.... Now I'm not all that original, (Shhhh. don't tell anyone! ) but I really enjoyed this.... very creative- Mr. Jordan's Husband.....Of course you should have seen the look on my DH's face as he watched me walking around doing this! must not have watched too closely though bc he had no idea what it was when I showed him!LOL,So anyway I am sure you guys will guess this right away, bc like I said, not very original, plus I did give you one very good hint:) Now I think I'll add a little twist to it before I tag someone. The first person to leave a comment telling what it is will be the next tag.... and just to keep it interesting I'll let you know what your challenge is when I know who you are:)before you ask, of course I already know what it is I just want to keep you in suspense! Come on don't be shy now, let's see how good y'all are. ( yes, I just said y'all, I know:) So what are waiting for? Guess already!

Wow! Check out that DOF!! HAHA Just kidding! Have fun!!!
UPDATE*** Well so much for thinking that the obvious would be unrecognizable:) LOL Took like all of 5 minutes for someone to get it:)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Wiped out.....

I am exhausted adn I can't even believe I'm gonna post for tomorrow.... that's devotion.....or insanity, such a thin line you know:) Anyway, we have 1 wk left of school and I have tons of pics to edit for the year. We give the teacher an album of all the field trips and parties from the year and I haven't done it yet! I am so slack! Tonight was a little "fair" of sorts at the school after which my youngest son is spending the night off which he's only done like twice before and never at the place he's at tonight.... I miss him already, it's been like 4 hours:) Afterwards we took other DS out to dinner and Target and that paired with that super late movie last night. I am just wiped. It's only 11:30 here now and I am drooling all over the keyboard:), so this is gonna be a short one. Mainly I wanted to say thank you for all your nice comments about my silhouette yesterday:) I really appreciate it. And here are a few more for you to CC on if you want, it's always appreciated:)
This is one I am planning on giving as a gift to my MIL, do you think she'll like it?

And here's one of my fav's from the bday party last week!LOL the look on his face is priceless:)

And that's all I've got for you tonight:) Maybe tomorrow I'll try to get back on theme:)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok now what???

So I had this great entry all typed up and ready to gobc I knew we were going to the movies and I wouldn't have time to do it later......I get home from the movie, which I had no idea was almost 3 hours long(and on a school night too) shame on me! Anyway, get home to post and "poof" it's gone!!! Where did it go? haven't a clue! Blogger says it saves automatically??? I even hit save just to be sure, oh well! All that time and effort....wasted:( hours slaving over the computer(more llike minutes but hours sounds better huh?) LOL... Ok whatever, whining's over.... SO, we went to see Pirate's tonight!!( We are a Disney family through and through) Awesome Movie BTW! Loved it! although at the end..... haha like I'm gonna tell you about the end! Wouldn't want to ruin it for you:) So are we STILL on pet's???? I bore easily, can you tell? I have loved seeing all the cool blogs this week though( Trisha, I LMBO this morning, Thank You!!!) I just ran out of pets and I'm sure you guys have tired of seeing Puff laying around on his butt, blending into my floor! So I'm gonna do something drastic here today...... I'm gonna break theme....gasp!!! Shhhhh.... Don't tell anyone:) LOL I just need a break, I still have 2 more days to post more pics of Clark and Mr. T....hahaha LOL I crack me up... Mr.T, do you remember him? Ok so enough of that, on with the pics, and here they are
My very first silohette of my DS!

My very Photogenic nephew:)

As always any CC is greatly appreciated:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

:( I know I'm off theme already.....Sort of....

But what's a girl to do when none of the pets will cooperate? I mean the little turtles spend all day being carted around by DS so when they aren't they hide under their little shelter thingy.... and Puff has no time to fool w/ me as he's way too busy eating...Anyway I'll post one of him just for fun but what I really want to know is what do you think of this pic? I found this thread today on 2peas linking to this cool tutorial and at first I'll admit I was intimidated, ( you're not dealing with a PS pro here) I thought.... No way can I do that!! but....... I was bored enough to give it a shot and I actually did it:) I was so excited! So it's probably not the "best picture" for it but I wasn't in the mood to search i just wanted to try it out so let me know what you think! I really liked it and I didn't think it was all that hard once I started doing here it is......

And here's another one of Puff Dog just to keep me "technically" on theme:)

Ok, Ok, I know, it's a lot but just one more! LOL I really want to know what you guys think of these.... This is one I turned in for my second assignment in Amber's Class. I have learned so much, and it's only week 2! Guess I needed to learn a lot:) In this one we had to take a pic in our house using available light, so we had to "scout" out our houses to decide where would be the best locations....It was a very interesting assignment and it really opened my eyes... course it opened the neighbors too, as I crouched in the doorway with it flung wide open and me on my hands and knees just trying to get the perfect shot:) I just don't think they've seen that side of me before:) LOL

PS if anyone wants to try out that PS technique, let me know and I'll see if I can remember who's blog I saw it on:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What?? I thought you only had 2 pets????

Well I do... or at least I did until this week! I mean I've been on the Subway kick lately( diet thing and all) anyway there is this store next to it where DS and I always stop in after we eat to see the ......... TURTLES!!! I can not believe I actually said yes. I had just seen Trisha's blog and she just had to post that super cute turtle and so then when he askes in his sweetest voice ever if he could take one home, what was I supposed to do? Well, DH says you're supposed to say NO, but he just didn't see those eyes. I mean, easy to say when you don't have to be the one to say it:) You know? Anyway I just couldn't resist and so here we are or rather they.......

Mr. Turtle and Clark.... and before you say it , yes, I know we already have a Clark and I very gently tried to explain this but have you ever tried to explain to a 5 yr old why they shouldn't name their new "friends" the same thing as their old ones, Just not happening! He wouldn't hear of it and frankly I am shocked we don't have a Superman and Clark but he was just set on Mr. Turtle:) Anyway, You'll all understand if I try not to visit your blogs for the rest of the week, right?:) LOL( as if that's possible! I just have no restraint> You know I've said no every time we've looked..... until today.......Thanks alot Mr. Fluffers:)LOL

So yes, you'll be seeing more of these guys this week...hopefully in better lighting with a lower ISO and higher SS, better focus and all that great stuff... I just had to show you these guys:) TFL! and for all the comments, I really appreciate it!


So I'm told by Sue that I've been tagged and now I have to list 5 reasons why I blog, so here goes.....

1) bc honestly it seemed like everyone was having so much fun with it and darn it I want to have fun too!:)

2)bc I REALLY want to learn all I can about photography and you guys seem to know what you're doing so I love all your comments!

3) bc I love my computer and any excuse I have to get on it:)

4) I'm a SAHM.... sometimes I just need ADULT conversation. Even if it is cyber- rated:)

and 5) I've kept up with it because this POTD is so much fun and it has helped me to think outside of my box and take pics of things I normally would not have taken pictures of...... I mean, purses! Come on...never would've thought of it but yet had so much fun doing it....

Now I guess I have to tag 5 people and I don't really know you guys so I'll give it a shot






So can't wait to see your reasons:)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pet of the day.....POTD:)

Ok so Day 2 of pets and already I'm out of pets..... I am really gonna have to space these out if I'm gonna be on theme all week:) Or I'll have to start borrowing someone else's...... Anyway this little guy is Puff. That's the name he had in the petstore and bc it fit so well we kept it:) He is just one huge puffball. He's pretty short right now cause he gets so matted that I try to keep him shaved down, we are all happier this way.LOL. He is a Malt-Shi for those of you wondering, maltise- shit-zu mix and he is just the sweetest thing ever. He can be so playful when you want and when you don't he does this.....
no kidding:) He sprawls out on the floor and just lays there! It's the funniest thing... Anyway he has only been with us for a little over a year now so he's still a baby and learning more every day. I long for the day when he has no more "accidents" in my house. And the last one for now... he and his best buddy sitting on the stairs and playing. Why on the stairs you ask??? Well, let me tell you.... I have to shut the gate now to keep him downstairs bc he just LOVES to do his business on the guest bed!!! Yes ON THE BED!!! So he is banished from the upstairs for the time being.... I know I'm a mean mean mommy, but one day he'll thank me .....right:) I just love how they both looked at me in this one:) Come one mom, PLEASE????

Sunday, May 20, 2007

So it's Pets is it????

Ok, I can do this! I have only 2 pets so you should know them VERY well by the end of this week:) Course I could alaways find someone else's pets. I don't know though, as hard of a time as I had getting kids to sit still..... and now pets! Man you should've seen me trying to talk the fish into posing:) I really was too... although I know they couldn't hear least I don't think they can???? Oh well, these are my fish, Clark(3 stripes) and Twitch(1 stripe) They are Clownfish as I'm sure you can see.Nemo's of you prefer:) We love saltwater fish, they are so pretty! We had a 90 gallon tank fully stocked that we sold a few months back after we moved but I just couldn't part with my 30 gallon. It's small but it's a lot easier to mantain. Which means less work for you know who!!!
Just so you know Twitch got his name bc in our old house the sockets were connected to the light switch and when the nieces were over one day the pump got turned off:( Well, we lost everything but him. Only prob. is that he has had a "twitch" ever since. Clark, my five yr old named him after superman:) LOL which is what he wanted to change twitch to when we got Clark:) Kids are so funny, I laughed my butt off when he told me that"_ Well thanks for stopping by! I'm off to see if I can get my dog to pose for me:) Wish me Luck!
BTW. these were all taken in Manual at f-7.1 ss 1/30 ISO 100 CC always welcome:)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Wait is Over!!

So I know you guys have been in suspense ALL DAY just waiting for these bday party pics:) LOL... Well, it was not a "real" shoot as it was for my Step-Sister's little boy but it was still enough practice for me to know that this is NOT my strong point! I have seen some of you guys' work and it is so awesome, and I walk away thinking"how cool, I've got to try that" but then on the spot, it just never works out....Anyway, these were taken in the theatre, the lighting was horrible!! I had to up my ISO to 1000 on some of these until I finally broke down and used my flash, so I know I have a few hot spots from it. I had these great windows behind me for catchlights but it was about 6 and so light was fading fast. The kids were all over the place and WOW! this was HARD.... And.........Yes I would LOVE some cheese with my wine:)haha. I'll try to be quiet now so you can check out the they are. Well at least what I've got so far. BTW I broke down and pulled out the 50 mm. It KILLED me to go w/out my 24-85 but I did it. It worked:) Of course I could've gotten better shots w/ my zoom.....yea....that's it! It was the lense:)

So, what did I learn?....... that I need to be more aware of the backgrounds........... Oh and that I love angle's, maybe a little too much:) Oh well!!! It was still fun:) Thanks so much guys for all your nice comments and CC, I am really enjoying this POTD thing! hmmm.....I said that yesterday, didn't I:)

PS. I am emotionally attached to every one of these guys!(all the girls are my nieces, one's my son and the other is my nephew) oops both sons are in there:)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yea!! Weekend!

What a week! I am so glad it's over! And to top it off tonight we had a bday party and wow!! Lets just say we sre wiped!!! Oh, and Shrek the third...... it's ok... I mean, I don't think it's the best one, and I think it probably would not have been that bad if not for ALL the kids!! WOW!! Not even the kids so much as the teen next to me smacking her gum and rocking in her chair through the entire thing. Anyway, I'm still going through archives (I've got thousands just from last year alone!!! I'm about hlfway but I ran across this one and it is my absolute FAVORITE of me and my youngest son, taken about a year or so ago by .........drumroll please..........ME!! LOL who else???? I just love this, his smile, the love ---I had to hold him down ya he wouldn't take off!! Oh well, I do what I must:) and it worked. I bw'd it and framed it for my house and I just love it. Maybe Tomorrow I'll get off my butt and proof some of the pics from the bday party so I don't bore you guys... I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats now.... can't wait to see (and hear) all about the Shrek party:) LOL P.S. thanks for pointing out my typos Sue:) I've got to start proofing these but I'm so excited to get them up and as my eyes were propped open w/ toothpicks I don't think it would've done any good:) smacking her hum and rocking her chaid...LOL oh well!

Whew! Made it again:)

Ok so as I was looking at some of the other posts tonight I was inspired to look through my archives! WOW!! I am in no way trying to brag but boy have I come a long way. This pic is from my early DSLR days.... Like way early!! LOL Anyway, it is by no means my pre-fessional quality LOL!! but I LOVE. This is my son and his first "girlfriend" we were neighbors before we moved to a new place and we don't get to see them as much anymore but they just love each other.... Well at least he loves her:) This was just a quick snap while sitting on the stairs visiting. I think it could use some "work" and maybe one day I'll get around to it but for now I still like it as is.... PS I am really enjoying this POTD it is do much fun. I love seeing all your blogs and pictures and I really appreciate all your comments:) BTW I couldn't resist the 1st pic. Both my boys together....awww, so cute.....I love this.....wait a minute, what in the world is he doing????? MAN can I ever get a nice pic of the two of the together....emphesize NICE:) LOL!! Too Funny:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Missed One Already......

But I'm getting back in the swing of things and trying to stay on top of this POTD thing. So we're talking about emotional attachments right? Here's mine for the day? month? ok you got me, years!!! LOL.. I am emotionally attached to my bags, yes I know shallow right??? Oh well, I love em! I love purses! and the bad part is I don't love the cheap ones, it has to be the good stuff, Dooney&Burke, Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors...... and the list goes on and on. And these are just a few of my favorites! Anyway, there it is, my secret is out.... so what do you say we keep this between us. hmmmm? I would hate for my secret to get out! LOL!!! Thank God for an understanding, loving, and indulgent husband:) Don't know what I'd do without him...probably be forced to find a job outside of my home!!! ok ok enough of that...... No more crazy talk!!!! Thanks for stopping by:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Ok here's my POTD with just a few from Mother's Day on the sandbar with the family. I don't usually care for the ocean bc we don't have that beautiful crystal slear water like the Bahamas:) but I went and had a blast!! It was so much fun cause for the first time my hubby let me bring my camera( he doesn't usually bc we have jetskis and he thinks it'll get wet) but he did and so I had a blast getting pics of everyone:) Here are just a few!

This first one is of big brother after being told "No he could not drive the ski by himself" haha as if!

This is the dead shrimp my youngest found in the water and since I told him we were NOT bringing it home he settled for a pic pf it. LOL, I love the look on his face! eeeewwww!!

And this last one is just a random shot of him playing in the sand which he hated to do last year. He's slightly OCD and so this is a major accomplishment for him. Pre-K has done wonders for him. Oh and sorry about the pics, as soon as I figure out how to straighten them up for you I will:)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just A few Macro...

From today. I just wanted to share these few Macro's. I've been practicing with my 24-85 macro lense and I am really loving it. Everytime I try to change it I just can't bring myself to do it, which is unusual for me since I am usually a zoom girl but this lense is just so awesome!! We went to the Sandbar for Mother's day and I ended up taking my 18-200 and it killed me to leave this lense but it all worked out fine and maybe when I edit them I'll post some. Anyway thanks for stopping by:) Oh and as usual any CC is greatly appreciated:)