Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I have not been a faithful blogger:-( I have been so busy as I'm sure you all have but I confess..... blogging is the furthest thing from my mind these days. Oh I would LOVE to have the time to let you all know how my days are spent but I barely have the time to register it myself. The month of December is a big one for us. We are a 4 person family with 3 out of the 4 having birthdays in December. 2 of those have passed with the third coming p on New Years Eve. On top of that I host an annual cookie party every December and add to that the fact that my office is moving to another location So needless to say this has been a VERY busy month for me:-) So for now I have a few pics from the cookie party and one or two from Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas this year by the way, my boys got just enough to know we love them and I think we still have money in the bank!

So the cookie party would not be complete with loads of these!

and then we need a few of these to take care of all those cookies:-)

So a great time was had by us all! I LOVE having this every year and each year I am reminded of how blessed I truly am to have the friends and family that I do:-)

And now for a few from Christmas....... My boys:-) They are getting so big........

and a couple of ornaments just for fun!

Thanks for looking and I wish you all The Happiest and Blessed of Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays:-)

So, it's been a while again since the last time I posted and WOW has it been busy! The month of November just flew by as little more than a blur! We had our women's shopping trip with the Church which as usual was an absolute blast! We always enjoy that but really come on now, who wouldn't? Well except the men maybe, which is why we leave them at home:-) So we had a blast and found tons of great deals(wish I had more $$ to spend oh well, maybe next year:-) So here's the gang at California Dreamin (our absolute favorite place to grab a bit when we shop! We've actually never been anywhere else:-) oops those may be for another day as I don't have them on here, they must still be on my phone!
Moving right along, we also had our Thanksgiving dinner at Church and the real one on the actual day, at my home, which I (being the steller Photog I am got not the first pic of! Can you believe it? I sat down for the first time that night and realized that I had not picked up the camera all day! Shame on me! So you'll have to take my word for it that it was a total blast:-) Good food, friends and family, a wonderful day was enjoyed by all:-) I also had the great fortune to shoot not one but TWO gorgeous families this Month and both were a joy to be with. The first family was visiting from New Orleans and had the entire clan in town for Thanksgiving and although we wanted to shoot outside, weather was not in our favor so we had to settle for indoors. With a family this large there were bound to be some less than thrilled with the picture taking but all in all I think we did pretty well:-) I had a blast and I hope they are as thrilled with the results as I am!

This next family has been a repeat customer all year so I must be doing something right:-) This little guy is just about the CUTEST thing ever and his newest shots look straight out of a baby magazine! Yes, he is that cute:-) I'll let the shots speak for themselves but he is always a joy to shoot and I can't wait to watch him grow:-) Is a year gone already???

And WHEW! like I said what a crazy busy month and December promises to be just as busy if not more so but I promise myself I am gonna shoot more personal memories this month:-) You'll see:-) I will............