Friday, February 27, 2009

Beef Barley and Apple Salad

Yummmm. just so you know, THAT was my lunch today and it was oh so good! I am having 1) The BEST week I've had in a LONG time and 2) The LONGEST week ever! LOL! How in the world do these 2 go together you might ask? Hmmmm well let me explain, My super awesome friend Colleen is now selling Premier Jewelry and so we have been dutifully appearing at all of her parties( or at least as many as we can manage) Well, I had one a few weeks ago for her and several of our friends booked from that SO naturally I HAD to go to theirs??? RIGHT! Absolutely! and don't let me confuse you, I was NOT FORCED to go at all! LOL! I love it, so much fun to be had and just an all around great evening. So I go. and I stay.... and stay..... and stay....... until almost 11 pm! Now I remind you I have to be up at 6am the next day so I am really cutting in close so to speak. Anywho, by the time I get home, showered, in bed and actually ready to fall asleep it is well past midnight! YIKES! and from that time on it has been something every night this week! and I am completely and utterly EXHAUSTED! WHICH reminds of how I felt a few weeks after Photographing these 2 cuties! Whew! WHAT .......A........DAY! Mom is truly a special person to be able to keep up with these 2 sweeties on a daily basis. Of course I have always thought that God reserves a special place in Heaven for the parents of twins!

So this day was just the most I have worked out in a long time! Everytime we got one to sit and ready the other would move! I must say they were MUCH easier when they were newborn. haha, but still I loved spending time with them and have already let Mom know, should she ever need a sitter for them....... don't call me! LOL, but if you need someone to come hang and have a cup of coffee and tell you what a great job you're doing..... I'm your gal!

Monday, February 23, 2009

This is one of the happiest days of my life!

Well, it comes in pretty high at least! I am so very thankful for the faith God has given me and the patience and prayer of all my friends!
My husband found out today that he got the job he has been praying for for quite some time now! We are so very blessed and this has been a long road but it has been well worth the wait. The joy and thankfulness I feel at this moment can not be measured in words. So I will just say that I am so very very thankful and so incredibly blessed at this moment! I am thankful and now I am rambling.... LOL!! I just wanted to get this all out of my head before I forget the joy I feel at this very moment! Our family has been praying for this day for almost an entire year now and it is finally here- but let me just say that it is not in the way we thought it would be but the Lord has His way doesn't he? and isn't it amazing how His way ALWAYS turns out to be the BEST way! and I am so greatful for that, and I think that before I bore you all to death I will end this post for now:-) Thanks to all of my friends and family for their love, support and prayers during this time because without all of you I don't know how we would have made it here still sane!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Patience and Prayer

Those are the 2 things most on my mind this beautiful February Morning as I sit waiting for my dear husband to call and tell me how his interview went! This has been a long road with lots of forks and many bumps in it but I am praying we are finally on a straight away for a little while. Gary is interviewing today with JCSO and if he gets the job it will literally be a dream come true. He has been itching to get back to Law enforcement since he left and God willing he will do just that. This will be a huge change for our family but all in all a good one I think. Over the years things have gotten pretty crazy and I for one am looking forward to slowing down and getting back to what is really important second only to God and that is our family. So if you happen to be reading this post today and wouldn't mind sending some prayers our way they would be greatly appreciated! And while you're at it if you can pray for some serenity for me too that would be great! LOL!

So this weekend my Mom and I went to the Southern Women's Show and I must say we had a delightful time! It's the 1 day of the year when it's just the 2 of us and we spend the whole day hanging out and shopping and watching the fashion show....... it's just a great time! So here is a shot of me at the end of the day after getting my super snazzy makeover done:-) I know a post is really not as exciting without a picture so this one will have to do:-) and don't just love the background scenery? LOL!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

~Happy February~

I know I must be like THE WORST blogger in history! Seriously, it's like I just can't keep up with it! I have so much going on at any given time that I always forget. So here, at this very moment, I am making a solemn vow to try my very best to be a more faithful blogger, and before you ask, NO I did not put my hand on the Bible but rather on the Blogger logo on the computer. WHAT? That totally means something I'm sure of it! SO anywho, now that we have covered that issue, we shall move on to bigger and better things..... like photos, of course! I have shot very little personal over the last few months and since I did say I was gonna shoot more of that I will just go right ahead and let you know that I am really working on it. I shot bot of my sons this week for their Valentine Cards and I was simply thrilled with the results for a change. B was actually a trooper and WANTED his done which was a shock! He is usually not the one to want to take pics so that was a wonderful surprise and I think the photos I got really do show his personality. I haven't edited all of them yet but I've done the cards so I'll just share those for now since this is February
:-) So here we are, B with his beloved Guitar

Now the back has a saying adn his name but this was a share from 2peas so Thanks goes to Tori for sharing:-)

And this is Nick's, now this one is near and dear to us bc my grandma passed away last year and frogs were her most favorite thing always:-)

and this one has a cute little poem on the back and we carried the froggie over:-) These were both printed in a 4x5.5 format and I am planning on putting lollypops on them:-)

As always, feel free to comment and until next time, I hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day <3