Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Day at the Fair!

So Sunday we decided to take a family day and go to the fair, and by we I mean the REST of the family bc honestly, I don't like the fair:( Well, I mean sure I loved it when I was a kid but it has gotten much smaller since then...... or I've gotten bigger, not sure which;) So, I was dragged along, against my will, and after all day walking and waiting and sweating (yes sweating) and it was a mildly cool day too, I must admit, I had a lovely time. I really did. The boys loved it and that made the whole thing worthwhile, well, that and the fact that I captured some moments to prove it:) And while these shots are not news worthy they are full of memories I will treasure for a lifetime:)

This is totally NOT why I went but hey, it didn't hurt!

My Oldest DS must have ridden this like 10 times!

Just look at that smile:) HE was so psyched he got to ride the "big kid" ride

The oldest in his glory:)

And the last one I'll bore you with today I processed a little differently bc this is what the fair will always be for me:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camera Club Competition

So I know it's been a while and I totally stink at this blogging thing because, well, life! That's what does it:) ANyway, this month is a Camera Club Comp and I am really excited about it because I enjoy being a part of the club:) It's something that I do solely for myself and that feels great! The theme of this one is streets and while this was not the toughest them, it definetly got you thinking. I mean, as all of you know there are streets everywhere but you can't just go out and shoot a pic of the road, come on:) you've got to do better than that:) So I knew WHAT I wanted to shoot from the beginning but I wasn't sure HOW I was gonna shoot it. I ended up with this one bc I think this is the coolest building in our town! No seriously, I do! I mean, sure Target's great and all but it doesn't have the memories this building does! This building has been here FOREVER! Can you imagine what it's seen? Ok, I'll rest on the history lesson but I just thought I'd share the pic and see what you all think:) Feel free to leave CC, I'm always open for it and it's greatly appreciated!