Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Hot Mama :-)

haha! I told her that was gonna be the title of the post so of course I HAD to do it! LOL! This is my good friend Deb who also happens to be the person who does all of my design work including my Logo and business cards. She has an amazing talent and I know she will go far:-) In addition to the photography and design work she is an excellent knitter and sewer and just about anything creative you can think of! She seriously is one talented lady! We had a great time (aside from the bugs) doing this session and I look forward to working with her again! Deb- you can photography me anytime! So here you are, the EXTREMELY talented Deb (who just so happens to be...... One Hot Mama!) TFL:-)

And be sure to hop on over to and check out all she has to offer!
Camera straps and logos and pretty much anything in between:-)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The dark cloud......

WOW~ ya know, had you asked me a week ago if I believed in that saying, I totally would have said no way! LOL! So here I am a week and a half later and I would not be so quick to answer!

Last week on Thursday I had a rock hit my windshield and crack it, luckily in the great state of SC the insurance co. has to fix it free of charge! Love that law:-) So ok- no big deal-moving on not thinking much about it and then comes Friday.......

I leave to go to lunch and when I come out my tire is completely flat! Ugggghhhhh! Like I need this ya know- so after WASTING about 3 hours of my time getting the tire patched and fixed up and having the very nice gentlemen balance my tires for me
(which BTW- the car now shakes like crazy!) I was on my way back to work..... what a great start to the weekend!

So I'm guessing you think the story ends there? OH NO.... it gets better, just wait.

I head downtown to wait for my husband and I park to walk around for a bit while I wait or shop..... whatever. I come back to my car to find that in my absence I had gotten a parking ticket for parking in a handicap spot( which was SO CLEARLY NOT marked well AT ALL!) I would NEVER have done that knowingly! In addition to that I have an expired tag ticket as well since I haven't gotten that taken care of.

Ok so, we've got a cracked windshield, flat tire, and 2 parking tickets....... they say bad things happen in 3's so I should be covered now right??? WRONG! Thank fully the weekend looked up with a modeling session on Saturday and a session swapped with a friend on saturday which resulted in yours truly on the WRONG side of the camera:-) ! More to come on that later.
So I THOUGHT my bad streak was over but it turns out I thought too soon and when I was on way home tonight, I was pulled over for speeding. Yep you heard me so after a half hour on the side of the road and a 1 headache later he let me go with a warning:-) Thankfully!

Hmmm so.... any suggestions? should I lock myself in the room until this week is over? or is it just a silly superstition? haha! I am just not so sure anymore, but I truly hope the rest of the week proves to be uneventful! Here's just 1 shot for now from my swap session on Sunday, I'll have more to share later:-)

Friday, April 17, 2009

MCP Actions.... A Photo Contest.....

I am entering this photo in the MCP Actions/Color Inc. Win a Gallery Wrap Canvas Photo Contest at http://mcpactions.com/blog. I certify that I took this photo and give both parties permission to use this photograph on their blogs/sites.

This is one of my favorite shots right now of my boys! They are NEVER this affectionate to each other, or at least the moments are few and far between so to have causght this rare moment of brotherly love was a pure joy:-) I would ADORE a canvas of this shot:-)

To those of you who have seen this shot already, I apologize for the duplication:-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter.....a little late:-)

We had a wonderful Holiday this year. The only thing missing was my hubby, who could not make it to Dinner bc he had to work but other than that.... it was PERFECT!

We went to Church in the morning, it was a WONDERFUL service! Such a blessing as always! After that, my boys and I went to my inlaws house and spent the entire day there. We rode the bikes, the golfcart, had an egghunt......It was just a blast! It was truly a great day, the boys got along all day long and it was absolute bliss. You know it is not often when they completely and totally get along, with NO arguments, or spats or even a general disagreement! Those days are just few and far between, so when they do come along I tend to cherish them:-)

Here are a few shots from our day:-) I hope you all had as wonderful and blessed Holiday as we did!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Prayers Please

for a good friend of mine who is in the hospital right now. She was having some MAJOR headaches last week and finally was able to get in to the Dr's office who said she has an ear infection and swollen Lymph nodes and should feel better by Wednesday. By Tuesday evening her headaches were so bad she could not take them anymore and she started to feel numbness in her left side so she was taken to the ER where they (thankfully) admitted her to run some tests and check things out. Well, it turns out she has 2 bloodclots in her head. Some pretty serious business for anyone and especially puzzling for young people bc apparently it is not a common thing for people of this age(she's under 30). It looks as if they MAY let her come home this weekend but she will be on some pretty serious meds for a while and they still have very few answers. So I ask all of you to PLEASE PRAY for my dear friend that God will guide the hands of the Dr's and give answers where they are needed and relief from the pain as well. Thanks so much for your prayers and to put a face with the name, here is a shot of Jaime from my cookie party in December:-)

She is the one in the black and white top in the middle)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


After a day of rest.......um well maybe not so much rest but at least a day from work! N has pink eye and so he managed to escape TWO FULL DAYS of school this week and then he has spring break after today so needless to say he is a VERY happy camper! However, he does not like his eyes glued shut and swollen, nope he does not like it at all! So we stayed home, had a visit with my mother at her shop for lunch, I unpacked another 2 or 3 boxes and THEN we went to Awana. Sounds like we got tons of rest right?? Well, considering the chaos of a week we've had, TRUST ME that was relaxing! LOL!

We still have more stuff to move but at this point I am SERIOUSLY considering donating every single thing left to whoever will come and get it! I mean really, how many cups does one family need? How many toys can you play with at a time, and needs all those light at Christmas, I mean we all KNOW it's Christmas right? and I'm sure the neighbors will have some, can't we just share? What we really need to dump is like half of the hundreds of thousands of tools my hubby has in his garage! now THAT would make for an enjoyable conversation! haha yea right! Not in a million years he'd say! I NEED all of those. hmmmm sure ya do!

In other news, we ARE at least settled into the new digs. The boys are loving their rooms(probably has something to do with the fact that they can move in them but what do I know) which I am very glad for. N is so happy he does not have to go up and down the stairs anymore and B has told more than 1 person how awesome it is so I guess they are adjusting quite well. Now if I could just get out of the bed a minute or 2 earlier in the am then I MIGHT make it to school on time! LOL! Oh well, thats for another day.

Here is a shot of my boys both together, *seemingly* happy....well to me anyway, although the older looks like he is about to spit nails or something, I'm told that comes with the age and I have many enjoyable years ahead..... I can't wait for them! So I'll leave with you with just this one for today bc I need to get a little more sleep before I able to pick up the camera and snap something new, at the rate I'm going that may be sometime in about 5 years or

Monday, April 6, 2009

Moving Weekend!

SO this weekend was THE weekend! I am SO VERY tired right now, it is NOT EVEN funny! I am hurting in places I had not even realized were there. I'm told that at least it will jump start the rest of my weight loss so I suppose we will see. I am so stinking tired I can barely keep my eyes open so I will post as soon as I get a minute some recent pics!