Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turning over a new leaf....

or at least I'm going to try to do that:-) I am so not good at the whole blogging concept, I mean it's definitely NOT the chatting about my life part that gets me but the consistantcy is where I lack. I try, I really really do but at the end of the day there is just so much going on around me that it gets forgotten and I am really going to make an effort to change that. I have so much to say.....clearly! LOL!

I am amazed at how the time flies by and you can't even begin to imagine where it all went. I have been making an effort to really reach out to my boys lately. They are growing so fast and before I realize it I believe these precious moments will be few and far between and I'll be attending weddings and births of grandchildren and will begin to wonder again just where does the time go? So in an effort to remember that they really were young once the posts you see here will be more about my boys and our everyday reality that is our life:-) because I don't want to forget a single moment of it and if I don't write it out, let face memory has never been my strong point!

So with those things in mind- I invite you to join me in my quest to slow down and be more diligent about the memories I want to remember forever:-) If you blog, I'd love to read yours so PLEASE link me to it so I can take a peek. I have several that I go through on a daily basis and I would love to add yours to the list:-)

Well, those are my great words of wisdom for the day- if you have any of your own to share I'd love to hear them or just your thoughts today.

In the spirit of a new beginning here's a flower (or 2) just for you;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beauty {Modeling Head-Shots}

I did these about a month or so ago and this young lady was just fabulous! She was a super fun model and is beautiful to boot! I had a blast working with her and I just know she will go far:-) I'm sure you will agree when you see her shots. I tried a new location for these and I must say I was extremely pleased with it. I will definitely be shooting there again....... and maybe even taking my boys for a walk around the nature trail:-) So here are a few of my favorites from the day. Chime in and let me know what ya think:-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy as a bee!

Yep that's me! I have been going non stop for about 2 weeks now and it is really starting to catch up with me! I've had several sessions of which 2 are completely finished and another is *almost* there, and I have a wedding waiting in the wings to go next. It exhausts me just thinking about how much work I have to do right now.

Add to that, that I am now looking for a job a bit closer to home. You see we moved recently and the drive in itself is killing me but this week my company broke the news to me that they simply can not afford to continue covering my mileage. Soooooo... naturally I am on the hunt for something closer to home where I can afford to cover the mileage myself. You see when you travel around 100 miles per day, it makes for a pretty pricey gas bill! So that is added to my to-do list as of this week.

I am so excited to share these with you, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a great friend this weekend at her wedding and it was truly an honor that she would ask:-) That being said- many of you know that Weddings are NOT my forte so this was definitely out of my comfort zone AND it reaffirmed for me that I just don't know if I'm cut out for the thrill of it all! LOL! It is so much faster paced than one of my normal sessions and I quite enjoy being able to mosey around to find the right spot or the perfect little nook and set up the shot just how I like it. All in all, I think she will be very pleased with what I got and so I'll leave you with just these few for now :-)