Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk R Treating

Well, we had a great time doing this this year and who knew the cake walk would be such a hit? LOL! I opted to run that bc I needed to be free to take pics and from the time I started it I don't think I was able to leave it! We had SO MANY people donate baked goods for it they were coming out of our ears:) Which is a good thing..... well unless you're on a diet and then it's maybe not so good;) Anyway, what a blessing it was that we had so many children and adults come out for the night of fun. It was such a blast! Here are a few shots from the evening, nothing too major but still a day to remember:)

Our resident popcorn popper:)

The CUTEST lobster I've ever seen!

Who say Adults are too old for facepainting?

and no post would be complete without my Nick! Even if he is on the verge of tears:)

A great time was had by all and I look forward to the next gathering! The Holidays are just beginning:) :)