Monday, July 27, 2009

The first Day of many......

So today is the first day of my unemployment. I have never been here before so I must say it is a touch unnerving, to say the least. Of course most of you know that I am a Photographer at heart and I do practice my photography but I also have a full time job as well....... or at least I HAD one ;-) I have been employed with a cabinet company for the past 2 years and I have enjoyed every second of it! Unfortunately, due to the economy business has been slow and like many other companies we had to do lay-offs. Being a lowly Office Manager/Photographer on staff, I was the first to go. Fast forward to a week later and after many many tears and much praying I have come to terms with the facts and am moving forward to whatever the Lord has in store for me next.

I am looking into a few different options and when things are more certain I will be sure to share the details with all of you! For now, I'll be muddling my way through the trials and details of unemployment while being prayerfully thankful for the time I have been granted with my boys :-) They say that all clouds have a silver lining and you have only to look for it, so this is my silver lining. My boys have about 3 weeks left before summer ends and school begins and I plan to make the most of it. They are especially happy about the beach time they'll be getting!

So for now I'll leave you with one more recent from the session with the 3 yr old, because it makes me smile.... and really guys, is there any better reason:-)

Now, this shot just screams to me- "FINE, just ONE MORE shot! I really want to play;-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

VERY happy 3 year old!

This little boy was the epitome of happiness, I mean he really was. He had so many different expressions it was just unbelievable. I loved the fact that even after a morning spent on the beach and a short nap he was wide open. I think he could have run a marathon and not even blinked! I really need to figure out how to bottle this energy to use on the days I would rather not get out of bed. Anyway, on to the session, he was as cute as can be and he really looks almost the same as he did when I did his pics last year.

But boy what a difference a year makes! He was just as energetic but not quite as talkative, and his favorite showed has changed from spongebob to Wall-E, and of course he's just as cute as ever!

But I have to admit, he was quite a challenge to photograph, there was not a single moment he stopped unless mom held him down. So I had to be very fast and get lots of shots on the fly. Thankfully he did manage to acknowledge my presence for a few shots and I think mom will be pleased! I had a great time although it was quite warm.... ok HOT! but he was a trooper so of course the adults couldn't let him show us up ;-)

So, here's just one for now......