Saturday, July 28, 2007

So you got me!

I'm forced to blog again tonight because Mommyg tagged me. Such a low blow!LOL JK! anyway this is a tough one..... so personal......I don't know if I can think of 8 things y'all would care to know about me but I'll give it a shot:)Oh and just an FYI for those who didn't see the board, I ordered the bag from now for the fun part:)

(Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, players then tags 8 people by posting their names and makes sure they know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tagee’s blog.)

1) Going with yesterday's post...... I am a total handbag nut..... LOVE designer handbags. Have a ton, need some more. An obsession I know but I love them and have a husband who after 10 years of marriage( Aug 2) lets me get a new one more often now than he did then;)

2) I too love my toenails painted. and my fingernails done.As does DH so sexy you know, and he loves all the funky things I let them do, all the designs and whatnot. I don't want people to know I'm gonna be 30. My Awana kids may not like me anymore:) I can actually grow my own but the polish doesn't stay on like on acrylics so I get them done. Nuts I know but I consider it MY time(except in the Summer) and I love it. Although I hate how long it takes....hmmm... wierd!

3) I actually love to edit pictures! I hear so many people dread it but I don't. I love it. and I love having others to edit besides my family which is why I went into this business. First and foremost it is a passion that I love and I pray it stays that way. The second it becomes something I dread, I'm done.

4) I am probably the most shy person I know. No one knows I have a blog! I'm serious( except my friend Deb) who shares my photography passion. I wouldn't want them to read it. I'm that shy. If I KNEW you guys I probably wouldn't share half as much as I do. I simply can not talk to people I don't know! I know I know, not the best business tool but I'm working on it:)

5) Housecleaning????? People still do that? LOL. DH actually just hired someone recently to clean our house.. I was so thrilled. This has never been my strong point, only took him 10 years to come to terms with it. He's OCD.. seriously and so I could never clean it to his liking even if I tried:) I love him for hiring someone though... Wow what a feeling!

6)I absolutely hate the ocean! I know! I told you I'm wierd. It's the water. I have a fear of the unknown, can't stand not being able to see.. ewww! Now if were to live.. say the Bahamas. now that ocean I could get used to. I do love the beauty of the Beach and yes I take my kids I'm not a total drag but I don't get in. And people think I'm nuts cause I live on the coast.....literally the beach is in my backyard but I seek out the pool! Never fails though when company comes they HAVE to go to the beach so I save up all year for that time!

7)I live for CSI.... it's the best show ever. I love it. That or forensic files, I love to see them figure it all out. I will watch the reruns anytime I can find them on. My fav is Miami but I watch them all. I don't watch anything else really, not a TV nut. Matter of fact it doesn't come on until I sit down after the kids are in bed with my laptop and I turn it on for bg noise( unless CSI is on)

8)I absolutely love technology! I mean really love it. The next new thing the simplicity of it. Anything that makes my life easier has to be mine. Some people would love to be in the country cut off from the world and all that, not me, give me my latte and sushi and sit me an a corner with my iphone and let me be. I love to be in constant contact with people. If I want to call someone or check something out. I want to do it right then not wait til I forget... I love the internet. Greatest invention of our age! Never ceases to amaze me! The knowledge and freedom it gives us. And for those of us who were not in line when god gave out patience I can't tell you how wonderful it is. To be able to track packages in the blink of an eye... I could go on all day but if you've listened to me ramble this long you're a trooper, so I'll give it a rest... Now for the pictures.......

Well, I haven't had a lot of time lately to shoot anything new but I did get to get my framed shot from the paper today. I so love what they did to it with the framing:) Such an awesome job! Anyway, thanks again to all you great gals who voted for me....I really appreciate it:)

So here it is! Do you love it? I know I do! I hung it in my Dining Room so everyone will see it when they come in:)
This is the best I could do with it being dark out and I tried to spare you the reflection:)

A little closer:)

So there it is! And now I have to tag some people and I have no idea who's been tagged:( And 8 people is an awful lot...... So how about we just say that if you haven't been tagged, consider yourself tagged now:) TFL!

Friday, July 27, 2007

So, It has been forever since I've posted and I have no excuse( other than the usual) kids out of school for the summer and life is just crazy! See, I knew you wouldn't accept that. Like all of your lives aren't crazy and you still find the time to post:) Well, I just don't know how you do it! And some of you are not even SAHM's! Man! I salute you..... I mean, I really do! I'm not just saying that because I really do mean it! Anyway, on with my post, since as it seems, if it follows pattern it will be the only one this month:) JK
So on my previous post I put up a shot of my son and said how I loved the look on his face. Well, I know some( most) of you have seen these on 2 peas,(sorry) but I used that shot for the backpack I ordered with a pic on it. See I have been really trying to get my name out there more and get more exposure so when I saw these bags I thought they would be great advertising. So far, ( in the ONE whole day I've had it) everyone really likes it. I even have some requests from the family for some of their own. Christmas here we come...... and hey, more free advertising:) So here they are:) The photos of my beautiful new bag... and they even let me put my logo on them. Most companies from what I'm finding, won't let you do this:) TFL and visiting! And who knows maybe I'll post more than once this month.... strange things have happened:)

And an inside view so you can see how it looks:)

and I am still so in love with this shot.... It's the look on his face:) Oh and that beautiful logo was made for me courtesy of my good friend Droller(20,000 frames of mind) She rocks!

Oh can anyone tell me what week we are on??? So lost!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Woo hoo! Twice in one week! Well, I haven't taken any new ones but I do still have a few left to share from the other day I thought I'd share. We went to the pool again today and I got scorched:( Ouch! I hate getting sunburned! Anyway, I didn't get any new shots since I was too busy trying to ignore the drunk guys out there ranting and raving to be too concerned with photos. Not to mention the sky just wasn't as beautiful today! So anyway here are the rest from the other day. So feel free to let me know what ya think:) TFL
I swear this kid is so photogenic! This was a split sec. photo I took as he was running to jump in the pool and he looked right at me:)

I just love the look on his face:)

And finally, what post would be complete without a sky shot:)

Thanks again for looking:) CC away!

Monday, July 9, 2007

And here I am falling behind again!! I have just been so busy with the kids out of school for the Summer. It's really hard to find the time to get on the computer lately. Anyway I don't have a ton of time to chat tonight but I just thought I'd share a few pics from the pool on Friday. I am really partial to some of them but then again..... I took them:) So how about you tell me what you think. I still haven't gotten that shot of my pic in the Library yet:( (Told ya I have no time lately) Anyway, I will get it.... eventually:) So here goes:)

You know I can't resist an awesome sky:) Even if my son is under it:)

and my nephew.....

Who thought sunscreen was just like fingerpaint!

And one more so you can see just how beautiful that sky was:)

So thanks for looking and with a little luck I can make it to the POTD at least once more this week:) TFL! CC away:)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nothing Special

Just some random Macro's I took while out on the golfcart today. I've been in kind of a funk lately. Every since that big shoot really, and sitting in front of the computer editing all day. I just haven't wanted to photograph anything.....well, scratch that I've wanted to I just haven't been able to"find" anything....KWIM? Anyway, today I got my groove back:) LOL sounds like I'm Stella:) Anyway I went out with the kids for a ride down to the beach and on the way there......nothing, but on the way back....poof! There it was just like that I was seeing all these things I wanted to shoot! I kept passing things up and turning around and it was driving my son nuts!!! Ha! I'm so happy! So here are a few of the shots I got! I get to join in Macro Monday for the first time in like a month!! Yea!!! So anyway feel free to CC!

Here's the flower my DS gave me:) He's such a sweetie!

And these were just some random tiny little flowers on this bush by the road:)

And there ya have it:) Like I said nothing major but they at least made me smile! TFL!