Thursday, June 26, 2008

For all of you who think I'm crazy......

and I show favoritism to my youngest DS, these shots are for you. I get a lot of these comments bc my desk, I will admit is covered with pics of my Nicholas and few of my firstborn. Now I know that sounds wierd bc if you are going to pick favorites it should be the firstborn right? Well, I decided that I would give you all just a small sampling of what I get when I turn the camera in his (oldest DS's) direction. This is the view I get.....

and I will have you know that he turned that hat that way just for me! LOL! Don't I feel special?
Now here is what I get whenever I ask YS to look at me:)

So You tell me which you would take more pics of? LOL I mean a Mom can only have so many shots of her kids head or hat or back in the home.... right?
TFL and as always CC is greatly appreciated:)

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Week in the life....

Well now wouldn't that be fun? NOT..... Our lives have been so totally and completely crazy that I have not had time to do anything let alone blog. Last week we had VBS at our Church and though it was a tremendous success and a wonderful blessing, it was also a TON of work! I mean, seriously, for those of you who are able to take your kids to VBS please take a moment and thank the helpers that are giving of their time to make it possible bc although they are doing it for the Lord it's still nice to hear a heartfelt thank you for their efforts. I have had the distinct pleasure of directing VBS at our Church for the past 2 years in a row and without the support and help and love of all of those volunteers and helpers it would not be possible. So enough with my ramblings, I want to take this moment to wish a heartfelt "thank You" to all of those volunteers that give so willingly and lovingly of their time, talents, and thoughts! You all know who are;) Thank you! and as soon as I recoup from the week I will blog away:)