Saturday, April 19, 2008


Been a few days since I was last able to blog. I've been crazy busy setting up my new website:) Yep, you heard me, a website! I've finally decided it was time to move on to a better site since the one I have been using just doesn't show the best quality for my pics, and well, ya know, I want people to SEE the quality when they preview their gallery or when they look through my portfolio so I had to find something to do that with:) I happened across these wonderful ladies a couple months ago on ILP and finally after much dragging of the feet I ordered:) LOL So between that and the shoots I've been doing I can hardly think, but for now I'll leave you with a fav from the weekend:)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Could there be any better word? LOL Yes! That you have the best of both worlds, 1 boy and 1 girl! I love it and am so very thankful that the Lord saw fit to give me mine ONE at a time;) He knew just how much I could handle:) But can you imagine what a ride it would be:) How cool (says me who doesn't have to wake up for 3am feedings;) LOL So this session was such a blast! I loved it. It was a friend of mine that I've known for a couple of years now and she called me up last week to ask me to take pics of her new little bundles of joy and of course I said YES! I wouldn't miss the chance for the world! Now as I said, it was a joy and the are just about the cutest little things I have ever seen! Seriously. I mean their skin and coloring is just GORGEOUS. But every single time one of them would fall asleep the other would be screaming so I took what I could get and went with it. Mom loves them and I am thrilled:) Could there be anything better than twins? Not that I cn think of at the moment:) LOL

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I want to talk a bit about growing up:( My BABY specifically is the one growing up and it so darn hard. I mean I know it's inevitable but come on! Does it have to happen so fast? I so wish I had my archives to show you him as a baby baby but I don't and plus they would be film anyway so it wouldn't matter;) LOL But ya know????? So here's the deal, we're sitting down to eat dinner this past week and DS says "Mommy, my tooth hurts, I can't eat" So I tell him to let me take a look and upon inspecting I calmly explain to him that he is gonna lose said tooth and it must be before bedtime tonight bc everyone knows you can't go to bed with a tooth hanging by a thread! You could choke, Right? Happens all the time........ anyway, of course he is upset bc he doesn't want to lose his teeth. So I convince him to finish dinner and then big brother explains the concept of "The Tooth Fairy" and miraculously DS is ready to yank that sucker right out with nary a thought of the pain anymore for the $$$$ he will receive. Great! Fine! Perfect! I can handle that, except I have no cash, but that's another matter entirely. So after 2 good pulls said tooth is free from his mouth and we can all sleep peacefully knowing he won't choke to death that night! (I'm tellin ya it could happen) So my pic today is of DS with his newfound toothless grin:) He is so incredibly proud of himself! He told DH that night on the phone the "I just don't know what I'm gonna do though Daddy bc if I lose ALL of my baby teeth I won't be able to eat anything!" LOL
I laugh but he was serious! LOL So all's well that ends well and just so you know the Tooth Fairy did vist our home that night or morning rather when she remembered. She just "borrowed" a few bucks from DS's piggy bank! :o Hey, Don't worry I (I mean she) put it back! LOL TFL:) So after the life story here's the pic of my Big Boy:( Why can't they just stay little and cute forever? LOL

Oh and for the record, I did take a couple shots focused on his tooth but this was my fav:)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring is beginning to show

Finally! LOL! JK, I know some of you are still getting snow and boy do I feel for you if that's the case! We actually don't get snow here........ to be honest we don't really even get cold;) I mean MAYBE 50's here and there but that's about it! But of course everything does die off and we wait hopefully for the spring when it will bloom again. Well, now is the time for the blooming:) I LOVE Flowers....LOVE THEM! So here is a shot for today of a bloom I found on a walk down my in-laws street on Easter Sunday. IDK why I waited so long to go through this but oh well;) Such is life!I would LOVE to wake up to this view every morning;) Remember I would LOVE to hear your thoughts:)

Oyster Street

New Bloom

This view wouldn't be too bad either though! LOL


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Family Shoot

So here's the latest shoot from last weekend. This family had 5 dogs! LOL:) What a crazy afternoon we had! Whew! And the bugs, Oh my they were horrible! Everytime I lifted my arm to take a shot, they swarmed me. I mean COVERING my arm. Not pleasant! Not at all! So anyway, I'll quit rambling and show you the pictures already but remember I would love to hear your thoughts on these:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just one for today

And it's of my Mother. An amazing woman in her own right and I am eternally blessed to call her mine:) She lives about an hour away from me and yet still manages to come over AT LEAST once a week to share lunch with me and visit her grandchildren. So this week's visit began with lunch and ended with a new haircut for her and of course I HAD to snap some shots of her. Now if you knew her you would know that she LOVES her picture taken (yes, I said LOVES!) however, I find that as she ages she is liking it less and less. So being the WONDERFUL daughter that I am I assured her that I could make her look both younger, AND thinner! And just like that she was in;) So without further adieu, here she is! My Mother:)