Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Man I stink!

I have just been soooooo busy this summer I haven't been able to keep up:( I have no clue what week we're on but I'll just post a few of my recent fav's! For those of you that have seen these on 2peas, sorry. Anyway, School starts this week so just maybe I'll be able to keep up with my posts.......... hmmmmm..... then again, I'm not so sure I'm gonna be any less busy.LOL! So for the very few of you that still stop by my blog, here's a few new ones! Oh and I ran these though portraiture! I just love it! Thanks to Lauren, who was kind enough to show me how GREAT it is! Oh and to Renee, for the group buy of course:)

Thanks for stopping by and as usual any CC is greatly appreciated!