Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just another Manic........Tuesday? What?

Yep, pretty much, this has been one of the worst days..... EVER! I was not even out the door good this morning before B calls from school to say one of his teachers wants him to stay after and could I please pick him up? Um..... yea.... sure I can work that out...... I hope. Then as I get to work it progresses to me getting an email from ANOTHER one of his teachers telling me that he is NOT doing well in her class either. GREAT! Just what I needed to hear on this wonderful day at 9am!

So moving along we get to the fact that I CAN NOT find anyone to get B from school until I FINALLY am able to locate someone who takes pity on me and helps out so I don't have to ask for time off to go and get him. THANK YOU! ALl of that BEFORE lunch and I forgot to mention that I also got a letter from N's schools telling me about the conference they have scheduled for 9:45 NEXT Tuesday morning.....GREAT! That mean I can miss like 3 hours of work to sit and listen to them lecture me on how terrible a job I am doing and how they think he needs to be retained for next year! Um NO THANK YOU!

So I am just sitting here waiting for 4:30 so I can go home and try to make the best of what is left of this crazy day and hoping that tomorrow brings just a tad more peace than today....... MAYBE??? Please???

And since no post is worth a darn without a pic I'll leave you with this one from N's bday party this weekend :-D My "baby" is really growing up now :-( wahhhhhhh can't they stay small for a little longer? Here's my little Jedi!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

another year older......kind of

haha.... My Nicholas is just about the sweetest little boy you can meet. And from the day he was born he has always had his mind set on whatever HE wants. I remember a time when he was about 6months old and I was feeding him bananas for breakfast. We were at my grandmothers and he was just having an absolute fit. Well I knew it was bc he wanted sweet potatoes, which was his food of choice (you should SEE the orange pics of him) anyway, my GM did not believe that was the problem, she insisted he was too young to have a mind about him like that....sooooooo I got out the sweet potatoes to show her he did! and she was floored! She could not believe it. Well, to this day he is still the same. Just this morning he told us that he WAS NOT 7 yet bc his party was not here and according to him "you don't get the number until your party" LOL! and "if my teacher asks I will tell her the same thing" so I asked that he make sure she knew I had TRIED to explain this was not the case bc I didn't want her to think I was crazy, at which point he informed me "what are you talking about mom? Jesus made your face JUST fine" hahhahhahaha..... So there ya have it, I have no idea WHAT he thought I meant by crazy but I'm sure he has it all figured out! What a card my Nicholas. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We <3 U!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A "NEW" me! ;-)

SO...... yesterday was a very liberating day for me.... HAHA! DH is out of town finishing up his training and so what do they say... "While the cat is away the mice will play" SO I'm not quite a mouse and I did share with him what I was doing BUT I have NEVER done anything so drastic to my hair.... at least not INTENTIONALLY! There was this one time when the stylist was on the phone.....not pretty! So anyway, I decided to take the leap. A while ago I was feeling daring so I let her add in some warm tones to my usually light blond hair and I LOVED IT! So that inspired me to make the decision this time to just go for it. Now I have made this decision before mind you, but I usually end up UN-making it when I get in the chair! I'm a big old chicken I tell ya! But I trust my stylist completely so i let her do it and I must say..... I. absolutely. love. it.! The cut, the color, the red, the blond, everything! Well..... except for the FOUR HOURS it took to complete, but otherwise, yea I love it! So do tell..... Do YOU agree?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

6 Days and counting.......

Until the much anticipated graduation of my DH from the academy! I absolutely CAN. NOT. WAIT! I am so super excited for him and also quite proud! This has been a ton of prayer and deliberation over this event and I am so excited to see it FINALLY happen for him! He is super excited and also quite nervous bc he does have 1 more test tomorrow before it is official that he graduates but I KNOW he can do it! With Prayer all things are possible! So here's to him and if you are in the mood to send up a prayer or two on his behalf we would sure appreciate it!

AND bc I know that no post is worth looking at without a picture, here is one to pass the time with. He looks like he feels like we do most days..... "Tired and in need of a boost, good thing he's got a Pepsi handy!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

AWANA Games!!

This is a much anticipated time of the year around our Club and this year was no exception. We had a blast and I can't wait to show the kids all the fun shots I got. I really need to get on the ball and get the slide show done. Anyway for now I wanted to share just this one of a *little* friend ;-) She is just the cutest thing, and this day was no different. This was a quick snap and if I had it to do over....... I wouldn't change a thing! LOL! So here's a smile for today.... for all of us!

Monday, March 2, 2009


So I have to blog this before I forget it happened.... not likely but still a possibility! So I'm tucking Nick in for bed and we say our prayers and everything and as I'm leaving the room he asks one of those innocent 6 yr old questions, you know the ones..... yea those... that you have absolutely NO IDEA where in the world they get this stuff and more than that, WHY do they want to know? LOL!
So Nick says..... out of the blue...... Do they get told what to do in England????
WHAT?? Seriously??? Is this a joke bc I feel certain it is..... Is he and his 6 yr old brain trying to trick me? MOI??? the mastermind of the century??? I mean I AM the mom you know?

So as covertly as I can, I answer......... "yep, they sure do" and I wait for what I'm thinking will be the grandest revelation of all time and guess what he says??........

NOTHING! That was it, he just wanted to know I guess. Where he got the thought? Who knows but I'm just glad he didn't ask anything more serious bc who knows if I would have been able to keep up the facade of the "Mom who knows everything" for now anyway! LOL! I'm sure the day will come soon enough that he won't even ask me what time it is for fear I can't tell anymore but for now, I know it all.... at least in the eyes of my 6yr old. Now the 12 yr old? THAT"S another story!

And just for fun here's a shot of my 2 favorite people! I am so very proud of them!