Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My girls

I say MY girls bc that's what they are. I have boys so it was decided long ago that these would be "my girls" and I just love them to pieces. They are so very precious to me. I remember when J was just a baby and we spent the days together while her other mom was at work and she really gave me a run for my money. I was reminded the other day of how she used to eat baby wipes. No seriously, she did. They were like candy to her. Every time I would turn my head she would go for the wipes....I have no idea what they put in those things I mean they will take out just about any stain you can think of and yet are non toxic enough for a baby to chew on. NO I didn't intentionally let her but I mean come on, I wasn't there all the time either and do you have any idea how tiring it is to chase around a baby when you're having one yourself??? No walk in the park, but she was "my girl" and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Well 13 years later and she isn't such a little girl anymore but she will always be mine. My brother and his family are packing up "my girls" and taking them halfway across the world...... or at least to CT :-( and I am gonna miss them like crazy! I hope they know they are taking at least 1/4 of my heart with them when they go...... Here's a few shots of "my girls" J sure has come a long way from chewing on baby wipes ;-)

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